The Three C’s Of Basic First Aid

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During emergencies, it’s easy to be scared, stunned, and unable to react in a way that will help ease the situation. However, we should all know that having the proper initial reaction, maintaining your presence of mind, and knowing how to execute first aid to a victim can mean the difference between life and death for him.

On that note, basic first aid, as most of us know, is the process of assessing and addressing the needs of a victim, accordingly. There have been instances where a victim dies just minutes before ambulance gets to the hospital or medics arrive, but those wouldn’t be the case if you were there and managed to help. That’s how important first aid is; medical facilities or people aren’t always easily accessible, with even a basic knowledge of this matter a lot. Thanks for the pointers My Own Mentor – First Aid Training Essex

Check The Surroundings
Just because you can do CPR or Heimlich doesn’t mean you simply rush into any emergency. Why? Because if you end up hurting yourself during a fire, or other similar dangerous circumstances in attempt to help someone else, then what’s the point? You didn’t help at all, you actually worsen the situation. So before jumping into anything, pay attention to the surrounding.

Call For Help
Don’t just scream, run, cover your eyes or cry when you see someone injured or passed out. Call for ambulance or emergency hotlines, or even authorities immediately. Don’t panic because it never helps, every minute is important. If you can, try to establish breathing and do not leave the victim for too long.

Care For The Person
First aid training isn’t only about caring for the victims physical condition, it also entails emotional support. Try to assure the victim that help is coming and that he or she will be fine. But of course you wouldn’t be able to do this if you can’t collect yourself, be calm and be the victim’s rock for the time being.

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